Cary Kolat created a library of over 2000 wrestling techniques that he studied and perfected during his 30 year career as an elite athlete & coach. The library is organized into offensive moves, defense moves, strategy, etc. This gives the user, from beginner to Olympian, the ability to easily find the series that will benefit them the most. Related techniques and counter moves are associated with each series to help his students completely master the sport. Cary's knowledge of wrestling and his ability to teach and execute every move in the library is unprecedented. "Amateur Wrestling News" wrote, "KOLAT.COM is like the library of congress of wreslting."

Always Growing

Unlike a DVD you would purchase, KOLAT.COM is constantly growing. Just like any wrestler constantly improving and learning, we are continually updating the site with new technique clips across the spectrum of wrestling. When you sign-up for one of our subscriptions you will receive new information monthly at no extra charge.

Solve Your Technique Problems Now

No more waiting on technique DVDs to come in the mail, we have over 1950 clips categorized so you find exactly what you’re looking for without the wait. If you are facing an opponent that has a big move the chances are we have the counter already on the site. We have two ways to search for technique. You can drill down through our library and scan the categories or simply type the name of the move your looking for in the search bar and pull up all the clips containing your search without the wait. Every series is built from the most basic technique to the most advanced as you progress through the series you happen to be in.

Progressive Learning

I have built each series in a progressive order so as you scroll through a series the techniques start from the most basic techniques and advance to the most technical techniques. Now dads just getting there sons/daughters introduced to the sport can start at the beginning, slowly learn the fundamentals and advance through a series without missing important steps and give their wrestlers the foundation of fundamentals that they need. Example the single leg series will start with penetration steps, then set-ups, then the most basic techniques to the most advanced. You can start where you think your skill level starts from.

Coaches & Athletes Can Visually Plan Practice & Organize Technique Clips

Coaches now have a tool that can visually plan practice with the "KOLAT/Planner" page once you sign-up for an account. You can find clips you like, sort them, drop them into different practices representing days of the week and properly plan what you will teach on a specific day. You could even take it a step further if you wanted, simply hook up a laptop and a projector in your wrestling room and have cary kolat do a clinic for your team everyday if you like. The KOLAT/Planner page will easily allow you to organize your training thoughts in just a couple minutes a day, and have you better prepared to train your wrestlers. You now have a tool that can simply get you out of the same old training grind and keep you and your wrestlers fresh mentally!


This is no substitute for attending wrestling camp and getting hands on instruction from cary or other quality coaches but if you cannot afford gas prices, club memberships, or wrestling camp will fit your budget. We offer a variety of subscription packages so you are not hitting your wallet every time you want to get ahead of the competition.

Time In Mind

All technique clips have been built with time in mind. Clips range from :30 sec in length to 1:30 min in length. Demonstrations are shot in the same format for each clip cary will talk you through the move slowly, then demonstrate in different angles at a wrestling pace, then the clip will repeat those angles in slow motion. If you miss something you can use the scroll bar or simply play the short clip again.

Past Camp Participants

No more returning home from camp trying to remember what you had learned. There is a section in listing camp dates simply find the date you attended and get all the techniques you were taught once again right here.

Techniques For All Shapes and Sizes

The library is built with technique in mind not style. Cary is not just teaching what he used on a regular basis but technique he has seen used by other wrestlers. There is something for you no matter if you are short and stocky, or tall and lanky.

No longer will you have to wait for the DVD and only get a handful of moves that you may or may not like. KOLAT.COM is offering technique in all areas of wrestling.

Your 24/7 Wrestling Coach™

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